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Becoming a Member
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We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.

How Can You Join?

The Purpose of this organization will be to encourage fellowship, and emotional and intellectual growth with all members sharing in the planning, work and enjoyment of its activities.
The Philosophy of this organization will be carried out in spirit of mature responsibility toward others so that fun, friendship, sharing and caring can be nurtured.  There will be no discrimination against persons because of sex, race, color, religious views or nations of origin.
The Policies include: Guests will be sent one monthly newsletter from which they may attend functions before becoming a member.  Those persons offering their homes, apartments or other meeting places for a function, or hosting or serving as members-in-charge (MIC) of a function may attend that function at no charge for the giving of their time and energies. Members only, and bonafide guests, will be welcomed at parties held in members' homes. Guests may attend a limited number of activities.
Appropriate behavior is expected at all functions. Members and/or guests must be single, considerate of others, unabusive and not in possession of drugs or under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol. No solicitation will be made at the meeting or to members. If a person's behavior is deemed inappropriate, he or she will be asked to leave the function promptly. His or her membership in Singletarians will then be evaluated.

Who Can Join?

Membership in Tucson Singletarians will be limited to those adult persons whose ages are fifty (50) or older and marital status is currently single (i.e. never married, widowed, divorced or separated) and who are in sympathy with its purpose and philosophy, complete an annual application, agree to work on at least one activity during their membership year, and remit annual dues.

Benefits of Joining

Members at the Prospector's Mill - March 2012

Dancers at our Semi-Annual Meeting June 2012

No advertising flyer will be sent with the newsletter; those wishing to place an announcement of wide intrest to single persons in the newsletter may contact the Newsletter Editor. Discretion as to the appropriateness of the announcement will be the responsibilty of the Editor.

Scary Ghoul at Halloween Party 2011
All functions are open to each member and those who are considering joining our group. A prospective member may attend a maximum of three (3) events as our guest; after that, we ask that he or she join the group by becoming an official member of the Tucson Singletarians. We welcome new members.
Please feel free to attend the functions--perhaps a social hour or a dine-out before becoming a member (a few activities, such as potlucks, wine and appetizer house parties are for members only).  We feel confident that after meeting all the friendly members of our unique social club, you too will want to become a member. If you have any questions, please call June (520) 326-9174 or any board member listed in the newsletter and we will be glad to answer any questions. CHECK US OUT! Hope to see you soon and bring a single friend.

President & Secretary at Semi-Annual Mtg. 2014

The Dance Hall Girl & The Clown 2011

A Witch at the Halloween Party 2011